PHMSA Gathering Regulations are Published, Effective May 16, 2022…PAPS Can Help!

On November 15, 2021, PHMSA formally published the Final Rule for the previously announced regulatory changes expanding regulatory authority over Class 1 gas gathering pipeline operations.

This rule effectively doubles the amount of federally regulated pipeline in the United States and impacts any operator of natural gas gathering pipeline assets. PAPS can help your organization understand the impact of this rule change and is ready to support you in ensuring compliance and pipeline safety requirements are met! Call us at (281) 379-1130 or contact us via email by clicking HERE.

Specifically, the rule (192.8) change creates two new regulatory designations for gas gathering pipelines: Type C and Type R.

Type C pipelines will represent those higher-pressure, higher-diameter lines posing heightened risk in previously unregulated rural areas and existing pipeline safety requirements will now apply to these lines.

Type R pipelines will include ALL onshore gas gathering pipelines that are not considered Types A, B or C. Operators of these pipelines will be required to submit annual reports to PHMSA beginning in March 2023 and will also be required to file incident reports with PHMSA as of the effective date of this rule.

Below are the critical dates to know for this rule:

  • Rule Effective Date: May 16, 2022;
  • Reporting Effective Dates:
    • Incident Reporting: any event occurring after May 16, 2022 must be reported;
    • Annual Reporting: reports reflecting 2022 are due March 15, 2023;
  • Identification of Type C Lines: TO BE COMPLETED BY NOVEMBER 16, 2022;
  • Compliance Date: All Type C lines must be in compliance with 192.9 by May 16, 2023.

PHMSA’s rulemaking announcement can be viewed in its entirety at the link below:

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