PAPS primarily works with operators that have minimal or no staff to assist in conducting their required periodic maintenance surveys.

One call Ticket Management Services

Class Location Analysis Patrolling-Continued Surveillance

  • PAPS will conduct HCA, Population Density Count, Class Location Report and Patrol with this service, PAPS will prepare an as-build house count map, determine the class location in accordance with D.O.T. 192.5, providing a class location report. 

Pipeline Integrity Program 

  • PAPS is the complete pipeline integrity resource for all pipeline system owners and operators. We are comprised of a diverse group of pipeline professionals, corrosion engineers, and specialized integrity personnel.  
  • Assessing the Project  -  The full turnkey integrity program is a multi-approach by design. This insures that unnecessary programs are not implemented and project costs are kept in check and on budget. The first phase of the program is pipeline or system field assessment. 
  • Federal Integrity Plan  
  • State Integrity Plan  
  • Over-the-Line Surveys 
  • Field Assessments – We can gather data of your system and provide electronic maps. We can also provide HCA encroachment and population information electronically.

Leakage Control Services
These services economically fulfill the total leakage control program. PAPS will prepare an individual report for each leak location that will meet regulatory requirement. 

  • Leak Search
  • Centering
  • Classification
  • Pinpointing

Pipeline Locating/Damage Prevention Program

  • PAPS has trained technicians who will locate unrecorded portions of your system, verify maps, and will identify by flagging/staking subsurface structures that might interfere with construction. 
  • Damages Prevention – “One Call” Pipeline Locating

Public Liaison/Public Education Services 

Pipeline Safety/GIS Management


Pipeline Operators
Penn Virginia Oil and Gas
Cobra Oil and Gas
Etoco-Inc./Highland Pipeline
Goldston Oil and Gas
EagleRidge Energy
Faulconer Energy
Tandem Energy 

Master Meter Operators
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