PAPS primarily works with operators that have minimal or no staff to monitor governmental regulations and assist in their GIS Mapping & Record Keeping Requirement.

Compliance Management Services:

  • Monitor Pipeline Safety Regulation at the Federal and State level. 
  • Natural Gas (49 CFR 192)  
  • Hazardous  Liquid (49 CFR 195) 
  • Gathering pipeline assessment for DOT pipeline safety jurisdiction 
  • HCA (High Consequence Area) identification and requirements  
  • Develop inspection, operation and maintenance plans 
  • Assist in interfacing with the government agency for operator during safety evaluations or investigations and communicate type of corrective action upon receipt of alleged violations regarding the pipeline regulations
  • Natural gas pipeline/utility management

GIS Pipeline Mapping and Governmental Report Submissions 

PAPS provide GPS verified field work and ArcGIS Mapping on pipeline systems.

PAPS will obtain GPS coordinates at known points along the pipeline and uses existing pipeline surveys to establish a centerline between known points. We also work with Pipeline operators to ensure the accuracy of the GPS positioning of the pipeline. 

PAPS creates digital shape files from the GPS data for use in GIS mapping systems, risk assessments and data analysis. 

We utilize only the most current technology to perform these functions, including the Trimble GeoXT handheld GPS device and ArcGIS, the Industry’s leading software package for GIS and Mapping functions. With our GIS knowledge and pipeline regulatory experience, we can provide numerous services for your company, including: 

  • Field GPS Data Collection 
  • Pipeline Centerline Mapping  
  • Plot Pipeline System Map on a Current Aerial Base 
  • Identify Consequence Areas Around Pipelines 
  • Risk Assessment/Regulatory Compliance  
  • Perform a Class Location Study 
  • T4/PS8000 Submission to Railroad Commission of Texas
  • National Pipeline Mapping System Electronic Submission  
  • TESS One Call System Electronic Submission

Pipeline Safety/GIS Management


Pipeline Operators
Penn Virginia Oil and Gas
Cobra Oil and Gas
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EagleRidge Energy
Faulconer Energy
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