New PHMSA Regulations Add 400,000+ Miles of Gas Gathering Pipelines Under Federal Oversight The Final Rule will expand regulatory authority over gas gathering pipeline operators. Once published to the Federal Register, the rule changes will: 

 • 192.8(c) Create a new Type C “regulated” designation for gas gathering pipelines that have the pipeline characteristics outlined below:
  o Outside diameter of 8.625” or greater; AND
  o Metallic with a hoop stress of 20% SMYS or greater; OR
  o Metallic with an MAOP greater than 125 psig (if hoop stress is unknown); OR
  o Non-metallic with an MAOP greater than 125 psig.

 • Expand much of Subparts B-G and J (of 192) to include these newly designated Type C gas gathering pipelines.

 • 192.8(c) Also create a new Type R “reporting-regulated” designation for all gas gathering pipelines, regardless of size, that are not designated as Types A, B or C.

 • Expand the reporting requirements for Type C and Type R designated gas gathering pipelines to include:
  o Submitting incident reports (for all incidents occurring after the Effective Date of the Final Rule) per 191.15(a);
  o Submitting annual reports by March 15 each year (beginning in March 2023) per 191.17(a);
  o Reporting safety-related conditions (beginning after the Effective Date) per 191.23(b)(1);
  o Final Rule will NOT require these newly regulated gas gathering lines to be reported to the NPMS. 

PAPS will be providing a more detailed analysis of this rulemaking once it is published to the Federal Register and an Effective Date is defined. 

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