Effective September 1, 2023, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) will no longer accept hard copy filings of Form PS-48, New Construction Report, by mail.

Pipeline operators must submit New Construction Reports using the RRC’s Pipeline, Inspection, Permitting and Evaluation System (RRC PIPES) available on the RRC website at https://rrc.texas.gov/pipeline-safety/rrc-pipes/. Submission using RRC PIPES ensures efficient and timely filing.

Likewise, correspondence from the RRC to pipeline operators on New Construction Report status will no longer be sent by mail. All RRC correspondence will be sent by email. To ensure you receive the correspondence, we suggest you mark [email protected] as safe so emails from the RRC will appear in your inbox.

Pipeline operators, who are authenticated users, can log into RRC PIPES to submit New Construction Reports for review and approval by the RRC. To become an authenticated user, you must request access to the RRC Access Management Process (RAMP) through your organization’s Delegated Administrator. Each company must designate at least one Delegated Administrator to manage their PIPES authenticated users. The Delegated Administrator can create new users, reset passwords, inactivate accounts, and perform other administrative tasks for their organization’s users. To become a Delegated Administrator, visit the RRC website at https://www.rrc.texas.gov/apps/rrc-ramp/.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact RRC Pipeline Safety Department at [email protected] or 512-463-7058.

To view the full notice, visit the RRC website at https://www.rrc.texas.gov/media/f2cf5ral/06-2023_nto_form-ps-48-new-construction-reports_mlb_5-31-2023.pdf.