The National Weather Service is predicting overnight sub-freezing temperatures for several days in many parts of Texas beginning this weekend. Temperatures could reach close to zero in some areas.

Wind chill values by Monday morning could be below zero in the Panhandle and across West Texas. For Central Texas, North Texas, West Central Texas, wind chill values will be in the single digits.

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) advises all operators under the RRC’s jurisdiction in

areas of potential impact to take the following actions:

  • Monitor local, state and national weather reports for updates on potential severe weather impacts;
  • Heed all watches, warnings, and orders issued by local emergency officials;
  • Secure all personnel, equipment, and facilities to prevent injury or damage; and,
  • Monitor and prepare operations for potential impacts, as safety permits.

The RRC maintains a 24-hour, toll-free emergency line, 844-773-0305, to report emergencies, including leaks or spills and damage to gas pipelines.

In addition, the RRC advises all operators to monitor and report road conditions during the

weather event.

· Monitor Texas highway conditions information on the Drive Texas website at

To view the full notice, visit the RRC website at