The Railroad Commission of Texas has launched the Pipeline, Inspection, Permitting and Evaluation System – known as RRC PIPES – reaching another milestone in their mission to increase transparency of the agency’s pipeline safety-related functions.

Through this new online tool, and for the first time, the Commission is offering a single resource that supports:

  • Filing PS-95 Reports;
  • Filing Plans of Correction;
  • Filing Safety Related Condition Reports;
  • Filing Integrity Notifications;
  • Advanced Records Searches:
    • Past Inspections;
    • Past Complaints;
    • Past Incidents;
    • Refine Searches by Operator, Location, Dates, etc.

    This resource is intended to help save time and ensure consistency when submitting, searching for and reviewing RRC inspection records and extends valuable functionality to the operator community and the public seeking information about safely operating pipeline assets in the State of Texas.

    To view a PDF of the full notice, visit the RRC’s website at

    To access the RRC PIPES User Guide, click HERE.

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