Groundwater Protection Determination Application Fee and Surcharge

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) has adopted amendments to 16 Texas Administrative Code §3.78 (Statewide Rule 78), regarding Fees and Financial Security Requirements. Effective February 1, 2016, an application fee of S100 is required for a Groundwater Protection Determination. The application Fee is also subject to a 150 percent ($150) surcharge required by Statewide Rule 78(n). Therefore; a total of $250 must be remitted to the Commission with each Form GW-1, Groundwater Protection Determination Request Form.

When filing the Form GW-1 online, you may also make payment online. For additional information on filing the Form GW-1 online and submitting the required fee online, visit the RRC’s website at:

When filing the Form GW-1 via email or fax, you may make payment by contacting the RRC's Public Sales Section at 512.463.6882. If you send the application via U.S. mail or overnight service, include a checkfor the appropriate amount. 

For further information regarding the adoption of these amendments to Statewide Rule 78. please contact Norman Gearhart at [email protected], or 512.463.2937.

For a limited time, documents related to the rulemaking process will be available on the RRC’s website at:

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