Certificate of Compliances, Statewide Rule 36

paps_newsrelease.pngCopies of Form H-9, Certificate of Compliance, Statewide Rule 36, filed with the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) are now available online. Form H-9s submitted since May 2014 are currently available. Over 29,000 copies can be viewed and downloaded via Neubus on the RRC website at: http://www.rrc.texas.gov/about-us/resource-center/research/online-research-queries/imaged-records-menu/

Under: "Certificate of Compliances, Statewide Rule 3 (Hydrogen Sulfide) (Form Н-9)"

When new forms are submitted to the RRC, they will be scanned and posted online monthly. The RRC is in the process of making historical submissions (1970s to 2014) of the form available online.

The Form H-9 is required to be filed by an operator to certify compliance with all rules and regulations related to hydrogen sulfide.

For additional information regarding this announcement, contact the RRC via email at: [email protected].


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