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PAPS primarily works with operators that have a small staff or no staff to monitor governmental regulations and assist in conducting their required periodic maintenance inspection surveys.

Compliance Management Services

  • Monitor Pipeline Safety Regulation at the Federal and State level.
  • Natural Gas (49 CFR 192)
  • Hazardous Liquid (49 CFR 195)
  • Gathering pipeline assessment for DOT pipeline safety jurisdiction
  • HCA (High Consequence Area) identification and requirements
  • Develop inspection, operation and maintenance plans.
  • Assist in interfacing with the government agency for operator during safety evaluations or investigations and communicate type of corrective action upon receipt of alleged violations regarding the pipeline safety regulations.
  • Natural gas pipeline/utility management.

Electronic Pipeline Mapping and Filing

PAPS provides GPS verified field work and ArcGIS mapping on pipeline systems.

PAPS obtains GPS coordinates at known points along the pipeline and uses existing pipeline surveys to establish a centerline between known points. We also work with Pipeline Operators to ensure the accuracy of the GPS positioning of the pipeline.

PAPS creates digital shapefiles from the GPS data for use in GIS mapping systems, risk assessments and data analysis.

We utilize only the most current technology to perform these functions, including the Trimble GeoXT handheld GPS device and ArcGIS, the industry's leading software package for GIS and mapping functions. With our GIS knowledge and Pipeline Regulatory experience, we can provide numerous services for your company, including:

  • Field GPS Data Collection
  • Pipeline Centerline Mapping
  • Plot Pipeline System Map on a Current Aerial Base
  • Identify High Consequence Areas Around Pipelines
  • Risk Assessment / Regulatory Compliance
  • Perform a Class Location Study
  • T4 / PS8000 Submission to Railroad Commission of Texas
  • National Pipeline Mapping System Electronic Submission
  • TESS One Call System Electronic Submission
View a House Count Map
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View a System Map
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Class Location Analysis Patrolling-Continued Surveillance

  • Population Density Count, Class Location Report and Patrol - With this service, PAPS will prepare an as-build house count map, determine the class location in accordance with D.O.T. 192.5, providing a class location report.

Pipeline Integrity Program

  • PAPS is the complete pipeline integrity resource for all pipeline system owners and operators. We are comprised of a diverse group of pipeline professionals, corrosion engineers, and specialized integrity personnel.
  • Assessing the Project - The full turnkey integrity program is a multi-phased approach by design. This insures that unnecessary programs are not implemented and project costs are kept in check and on budget. The first phase of the program is pipeline or system field assessment.
  • Federal Integrity Plan
  • State Integrity Plan
  • Over-the-Line Surveys
  • Field Assessments - We can gather GPS data of your system and provide electronic maps. We can also provide HCA encroachment and population information electronically.

Gas Gathering Line

Gas Gathering Line Definition - In March 2006, the PHMSA published its final rule on the definition of gas gathering lines. This rule completely changes the previous regulations for gas gathering. Pipelines that were previously considered to be regulated gas gathering may now be exempt. Likewise, other pipelines that were previously considered to be exempt gas gathering will now be regulated.

Alternative Definition for Onshore Lines &
New Safety Standards - PDF Version
Click to view Gathering Line Definition

If you are confused about what jurisdiction your pipeline falls under, Contact PAPS and we will help you with your compliance requirements.

Cathodic Protection Services

  • Corrosion surveys of new and existing buried or submerged pipelines or structures.
  • Preparation of recommendations and cost estimates for corrosion control.
  • Initial energizing and testing of cathodic protection systems

Leakage Control Services

  • Leak Search, Centering, Classification, and Pinpointing - This service economically fulfill the total leakage control program. PAPS will prepare an individual report for each leak location that will meet regulatory requirement.

Pipeline Locating/Damage Prevention Program

  • PAPS has trained technicians who will locate unrecorded portions of your s ystem, verify maps, and will identify by flagging/staking subsurface structures that might interfere with construction.
  • Damage Prevention - "One Call" Pipeline Locating

Public Liaison/ Public Education Services

Gathering Pipeline Assessment for DOT Pipeline Safety Jurisdiction



RRC - Railroad Commission of TX
OPS - Office of Pipeline Safety
TGA - Texas Gas Association

What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System, or GIS, allows us to geographically reference database information and thereby manage, analyze and display the information spatially.

PAPS utilizes GIS technology to provide accurate system mapping and data analysis for operators.

To Date, PAPS has ASSESSED over 100,000 miles of Gathering Lines.

A few of our clients include:

BP America
Davis Petroleum
Jil Oil
Legend Natural Gas
Pelican Reserve
Penn Virginia
Union Gas
W.B. Osborn

Contact PAPS today to see how we can help deregulate your gathering lines

PAPS Utlilizes the Latest in GIS Technology.

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